• Technology, Innovation and care of people
    Technology, Innovation and care of people

    Holding offers services, advanced technology and equipment medicine.

  • Medicine in Russia
    Medicine in Russia

    Progressive eye microsurgery in the best clinics of Russia. Unique medicines for human health.

  • Beautiful eyes each person
    Beautiful eyes each person

    S.N. Fedorov

  • Best medical practice for your health
    Best medical practice for your health

    Doctors about the best medical school Fedorov work in clinics RKP

Humanity is moving forward with the revolutionary transformations. And those who are at the forefront of science, open up new avenues for further scientific and technological progress, solve the unique challenges faced by them.

Interdisciplinary Scientific-Technical Complex "Eye Microsurgery" opened a new page in the development of the global ophthalmology, having made a revolution by introducing into the everyday practice of surgeries on the eyes with the help of operating microscope with high resolution and tiny surgical instruments, and for 25 years does not give the leading positions in the field ophthalmic surgery.


Go ophthalmic microsurgical on the level, the development and introduction of new technologies across the country and the world, training and specialization of highly qualified scientific personnel - in the merit and importance of the innovative project entitled "IRTC" Eye Microsurgery ". Acad. SN Fedorov, "which became a quarter of a century, a national treasure of Russia.

putin«Based outstanding domestic scientist-ophthalmologist, and a true patriot of his country Svetoslav Fedorov, the IRTC is considered one of the most reputable, competitive research and treatment centers."

Russian President Vladimir Putin

What specialists treat medical clinics RKP

Laser correction

  • astigmatism
  • myopia
  • hyperopia
  • glaucoma
  • diabetes eye
  • diseases of the optic nerve and optic tract.
  • corneal diseases.
  • cataract
  • retinal disinsertion
  • reconstructive and plastic ophthalmosurgery
  • neoplastic diseases of the eye

Non-Surgical treatment
Treatment of children

Surgical techniques developed in the IRTC, have been used successfully in a variety of domestic and foreign clinics due to their reliability and high quality. The art of our surgeons has received worldwide recognition.

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